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Field Days

A Year of Farming, Eating, and Drinking Wine in California

“Sooner or later, nearly everyone who cares about wind and food comes to Sonoma: —so begins this lively excursion to a spectacular region that has become known internationally as a locavore’s paradise. Part memoir, part vivid reportage, Field Days chronicles the renaissance in farming organically and eating locally that is unfolding in Northern California. Jonah Raskin tells of the year he spent on Oak Hill Farm—working the fields, selling produce at farmers’ markets, and following it to restaurants. He also goes behind the scenes at Whole Foods. In this luminous account of his experiences, Raskin introduces a dynamic cast of characters—farmers, chefs, winemakers, farmworkers, and environmentalists. They include such luminaries as Warren Weber at Star Rout Farm, the oldest certified organic farm in Marin County; Bob Cannard, who has supplied Chez Panisse with vegetables for decades; Sharon Grossi, the owner of the largest organic farm in Sonoma; and Craig Stoll, the founder and executive chef of Delfina in San Francisco. Raskin also offers portraits of renowned historical figures, including Luther Burbank, Jack London, and M. F. K. Fisher. Field Days is a heartfelt celebration of the farm-to-table movement and its cultural reverberations.

by Regan McMahon
The San Francisco Chronicle, (Tuesday, June 9, 2009)

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