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James McGrath in a Class by Himself


"I love this little book, a travel journal written with curiosity and intelligence. The author is an American pleased with all things French, from revolutions to jazz clubs, pigs-cheek stew to a 'touch of the sacred' in the French Countryside, from Albert Camus to his first glimpse of a bullet-ridden wall. He also explains some pretty important things, like how to keep warm in an old house made of stone, how the French say 'cool,' and sure signs that the novel will never die. Sights and experiences become markers for this author's life, and reading morphs into a sympathique conversation. By the time we're sharing dinner with Bordeaux anarchists, I'm right there with Jonah, "one group of French friends leading me to another… the circle of friends growing larger … "

Moveover, Jonah Raskin's 'mini-memoir' or 'pop-up memoir' makes me think that it's the right prose form for our time and that in a few short chapters one can articulate a very nice chunck of time, drawing readers close to intimate moments in an author's life. The form is especially successful when it's creafted by a raconteur like Jonah Raskin."

—Patti Trimble

Available for $5, check or money order made out to Jonah Raskin, and mailed to:
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