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Rock N Roll Women

Portraits of a Generation

New Poems by Jonah Raskin

"Clearly, Jonah Raskin has known and loved more rock ‘n’ roll women than any other male has the right to know. Reading these rascally Raskin verses, I came to respect his deep concern for the rock 'n' roll women who’ve passed time with him. Enjoy the beat, the nostalgia, the age so many of us knew and which only a writer of Raskin’s ample talent can convey so concisely and beautifully."
—Ed Coletti, poet and author of the collection When Hearts Outlive Mind "

A lusty Valentine to sex, drugs, and rock and roll from a man who knows his era."
—Susan Swartz, author of The Juicy Tomatoes Guide to Ripe Living After 50

"I love Jonah Raskin's Rock 'n' Roll Women, and it isn't just because I see myself in these poems. They remind us just how rock-n-roll women (and men) scream our basic natures and set us all free from the tyranny of the demure, the rigid, and the false. Go! Go! Go!"
—Sarah Baker, singer/songwriter, Blues Kitchen

"Reading Rock 'n' Roll Women is like taking a cross-county trip in an old VW bug, listening to your favorite tunes while the landscape rolls by, and singing along at the top of your lungs. Each poem salutes a different artist—from the Everly Brothers to Otis Redding, from the Beatles to Beyoncé—and the women in whose company this music sprang to life for the poet. Raskin takes us on this romp through fifty years of 'memory and desire,' sometimes raunchy, sometimes sexy, sometimes political, sometimes tender, all jump-started by the music that 'set our bones on fire.'"
—Terry Ehret, author of Night Sky Journey

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